About NLH

New Literary History: A Journal of Theory & Interpretation is a scholarly journal founded in 1969 as part of the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the University of Virginia. Its first two editors were Ralph Cohen and Rita Felski. Its third and current editor is Bruce Holsinger, Professor of English at the University of Virginia.

At the time of its founding, New Literary History was the first English language journal devoted to literary theory and to general questions of method and interpretation. It immediately established itself as a leading venue for intellectual debate amongst its international and interdisciplinary audience. Some of its most influential issues include: What is Literature? (1973); Medieval Literature and Contemporary Theory (1978); Literature and/as Moral Philosophy (1983); Cultural Studies: China and the West (1997); Ecocriticism (1999); Everyday Life (2002), and Literary History in the Global Age (2008).

New Literary History serves as an international forum for scholarly exchange, publishing work from around the globe and often translating important new work into English. A translation program is also being launched that will make essays from the journal available in a number of different languages.


Bruce Holsinger

associate editors

Susan Fraiman

Kevin Hart

Jahan Ramazani

Herbert F. Tucker

managing editor

Mollie H. Washburne

copy editors

Josephine Adams

Katherine Churchill

Annie Persons

Jessica Swoboda

advisory editors

Amanda Anderson, Brown University

Derek Attridge, University of York

Helene Cixous, University of Paris VIII—Vincennes

Jonathan Culler, Cornell University

Wai Chee Dimock, Yale University

Winfried Fluck, Free University, Berlin

John Frow, University of Sydney

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Stanford University

Fredric R. Jameson, Duke University

Jerome McGann, University of Virginia

Toril Moi, Duke University

Martha C. Nussbaum, University of Chicago

Ato Quayson, University of Toronto

Brian Stock, University of Toronto

Zhang Longxi, City University of Hong Kong


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