If you are interested in submitting an article to New Literary History, please email your submission as an attached Word document (no PDFs) to Please see below for author guidelines. If you are interested in a subscription to New Literary History, please subscribe online or email You may also write Johns Hopkins University Press, Journal Publishing Division, P.O. Box 19966, Baltimore, MD 21218-0966 or phone 1-800-548-1784.

Author Guidelines

New Literary History publishes essays on topics of theoretical significance within and beyond literary studies. The journal especially welcomes three types of contribution:

  1. articles that engage with literary and cultural theory, including concepts of period, genre, or style, questions of hermeneutics and the reading process, problems of representation, and the relations between literary studies and other disciplines;
  2. articles that engage with broad questions of literary history and literary-historical method, across and within discrete periods, languages, nations, and hemispheres; and
  3. articles addressing general theoretical or methodological questions that are of interest to scholars in a wide range of fields. Contributors should bear in mind New Literary History’s international and intellectually diverse readership.

NLH follows a double-blind review process; for this reason, we ask authors to be scrupulous in anonymizing their submitted drafts. We cannot be responsible for any identifying information that remains in a submitted essay.

Note that the journal receives a very large volume of contributions every year, and that our rate of acceptance tends to hover around 5%.  For this reason we are unable to provide reader reports on most submissions. Endnotes are used rather than bibliographies, and Chicago style is preferred. Contributions of 6,000-10,000 words can be submitted by email. NLH does not publish digressive endnotes.