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53, 2 (2022)

Spring 2022

  • Stephanie Ann Frampton, “Rhetorics of Becoming: Between Metamorphosis and Metaphor”
  • Victoria Googasian, “Feeling Fictional: Climate Crisis and the Massively Multi-Protagonist Novel”
  • Sara Fernandes and Lydia Saleh Rofail, “Perpetual Becoming, Deferred Arrival: The Author-Hero in the Age of Digital Celebrity”
  • Jason de Stefano, “The Gospel of Creativity”
  • Carolyn Dinshaw and Garth Greenwell, “Queer Theory/Queer Fiction” (Creative Writing and Critical Thought I) | Download Article >>
  • Doyle Calhoun, “Dead Narrators, Queer Terrorists: On Suicide Bombing and Literature”
    • Winner of the 2021 Ralph Cohen Prize
  • Zhao F. Ng, “The Kingdom and the Pilgrim’s Way: Epic, Irony, and Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon