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52, 3/4 (2021)

Race and Periodization

  • Urvashi Chakravarty and Ayanna Thompson, “Race and Periodization: Introduction”
  • Margo Hendricks, “Coloring the Past, Considerations on Our Future: RaceB4Race” | Download Article >>
  • Mary Rambaran-Olm, “A Wrinkle in Medieval Time: Ironing out Issues Regarding Race, Temporality, and the Early English” | Download Article >>
  • Haruko Momma, “The Theater of Race and Its Supporting Actors: A Tale of Two Islands”
  • Farid Azfar, “Leviathan and the Asiento: A Counter-History of the Racial Contract”
  • Nicole Lopez-Jantzen, “Historiography, Periodization, and Race: Italy between Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Europe and Africa”
  • Nizar F. Hermes and Mary Beth Allen, “A Tale of Two Sultans: Franco-Moroccan ReInventions of Mūlāy Ismāʿīl and his Marriage Proposal to La Princesse de Conti”
  • Su Fang Ng, “Making Race in the Early Modern East Indies”
  • Wan-Chuan Kao, “In the Lap of Whiteness”
  • Carol Meija LaPerle, “Ill-Will as Racialized Affect: Early Modern Volition, Critical Race Theory, and Shakespearean Ill-Will”
  • Kyle Grady, “Emphasis and Elision: Early Modern English Approaches to Racial Mixing and their Afterlives”
  • Ruben Espinosa, “Traversing the Temporal Borderlands of Shakespeare”