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46, 3 (2015)

Beyond Bourdieu and Other Essays

  • Georgina Born, “Making Time: Temporality, History, and the Cultural Object” | D0wnload Article
  • Bernard Lahire, “Literature is Not Just a Battlefield”
  • Caroline van Eck, “Works of Art That Refuse to Behave: Agency, Excess, and Material Presence in Canova and Manet”
  • Richard Shusterman, “Pierre Bourdieu and Pragmatist Aesthetics: Between Practice and Experience”
  • Jahan Ramazani, “Poetry and Tourism in a Global Age”
  • Yohei Igarashi, “Statistical Analysis at the Birth of Close Reading”
  • Scott Selisker, “The Bechdel Test and the Social Form of Character Networks”
  • W. Scott Blanchard, “Forms of Power, Forms of Life: Agamben’s Franciscan Turn”
  • Alexander Freer, “Rhythm as Coping”

Forthcoming issues: Song; Amateurs; Recomposing the Humanities with Bruno Latour