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46, 4 (2015)


Edited by Jahan Ramazani and Herbert F. Tucker

  • Jahan Ramazani and Herbert F. Tucker, “Introduction”
  • Lawrence Kramer, “Song as Paraphrase” | D0wnload Article
  • Emma Dillon, “Unwriting Medieval Song”
  • Joseph S. C. Lam, “Ci Songs from the Song Dynasty: A Ménage à Trois of Lyrics, Music, and Performance”
  • Bonnie Gordon, “It’s Not About the Cut: The Castrato’s Instrumentalized Song”
  • Elizabeth Helsinger, “Poem Into Song”
  • Andrew Peart, “‘The Abstract Pathos of Song’: Carl Sandburg, John Lomax, and the Modernist Revival of Folksong”
  • T. Austin Graham, “Songs of the Century”
  • Charles O. Hartman, “Dylan’s Bridges”
  • Catherine M. Appert, “To Make Song without Singing: Hip Hop and Popular Music in Senegal”
  • Shana Goldin-Perschbacher, “TransAmericana: Gender, Genre, and Journey”
  • Sangita Gopal, “The Audible Past, or What Remains of the Song-Sequence in New Bollywood Cinema”
  • Eric Lott, “Songs Are Like Tattoos: A Response”

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