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46, 2 (2015)

Feminist Investigations and Other Essays

  • “Introduction” | D0wnload Article
  • Toril Moi, “Thinking Through Examples: What Ordinary Language Philosophy Can Do for Feminist Theory”
  • Sandra Laugier, “The Ethics of Care as a Politics of the Ordinary”
  • Sarah Beckwith, “Are There any Women in Shakespeare’s Plays? Fiction, Representation, and Reality in Feminist Criticism”
  • Linda M. G. Zerilli, “The Turn to Affect and the Problem of Judgment”
  • Alice Crary, “Feminist Thought and Rational Authority: Getting Things in Perspective”


  • Jonas Grethlein, “Aesthetic Experiences, Ancient and Modern”
  • Robert J. Meyer-Lee, “Toward a Theory and Practice of Literary Valuing”

Forthcoming issues: Beyond Bourdieu; Song; Recomposing the Humanities