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45, 4 (2014)

Political Theory

  • Davide Panagia, “A Theory of Aspects: Media Participation and Political Theory” | D0wnload Article
  • George Shulman, “A Flight from the Real? American Literature and Political Theory”
  • Georgia Warnke, “Hermeneutics and Social Identity”
  • Sandra M. Gustafson, “Equality as Singularity: Rethinking Literature and Democracy”
  • Peter Uwe Hohendahl, “The Specter of Power: Literature and the Political Revisited”
  • Julia Reinhard Lupton, “Judging Forgiveness: Hannah Arendt, W. H. Auden, and The Winter’s Tale
  • Paul Jaussen, “Speaking and Making: Arendt, Stevens, and the Poetics of Public Discourse”
  • Steve Light, “Pedagogical and Philosophico-Political Abdication: Agamben and Žižek”
  • Jill Jarvis, “Remnants of Muslims: Reading Agamben’s Silence”

Forthcoming issues: Feminism and Ordinary Language Philosophy; Beyond Bourdieu; Song