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47, 1 (2016)

Climate, Species, The Anthropocene

  • Benjamin Morgan, “After the Arctic Sublime” | D0wnload Article
  • Shital Pravinchandra, “One Species, Same Difference? Postcolonial Critique and the Concept of Life”
  • Aaron R. Hanlon, “Margaret Cavendish’s Anthropocene Worlds”
  • Richard Rorty, “Getting Rid of the Appearance-Reality Distinction”
  • John Frow, “Reading with Guns: Institutions of Interpretation and District of Columbia v. Heller
  • Winfried Fluck, “Philosophical Premises in Literary and Cultural Theory: Narratives of Self-Alienation”
  • Tania Modleski, “Remastering the Master: Hitchcock after Feminism”
  • Daniel Yacavone, “Film and the Phenomenology of Art: Reappraising Merleau-Ponty on Cinema as Form, Medium, and Expression
  • Marco Caracciolo, “Cognitive Literary Studies and the Status of Interpretation: An Attempt at Conceptual Mapping”

Forthcoming issues: Recomposing the Humanities—with Bruno Latour; Amateurs; For Example; Writ Large