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45, 2 (2014)

Interpretation and Its Rivals

  • David Scott, “The Temporality of Generations: Dialogue, Tradition, Criticism” | D0wnload Article
  • Steven Connor, “Spelling Things Out”
  • N. Katherine Hayles, “Cognition Everywhere: The Rise of the Cognitive Nonconscious and the Costs of Consciousness”
  • T. J. Clark, “Poussin’s Sacrament of Marriage: An Interpretation”
  • Susan Stewart, “On ED’s 754/764”
  • Antoine Compagnon, “The Resistance to Interpretation”
  • Zhang Longxi, “‘The Pale Cast of Thought’: On the Dilemma of Thinking and Action”

Forthcoming issues: Political Theory; Feminism and Ordinary Language Philosophy; Beyond Bourdieu