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48, 4 (2017)

Writ Large

  • Krishan Kumar and Herbert F. Tucker, “Introduction”
  • Martin Jay, “‘Hey! What’s the Big Idea?’ Ruminations on the Question of Scale in Intellectual History” | Download Article
  • Caroline Levine, “Model Thinking: Generalization, Political Form, and the Common Good”
  • Ayesha Ramachandran, “How to Theorize the ‘World’: An Early Modern Manifesto”
  • Chris Hann, “Making Sense of Eurasia: Reflections on Max Weber and Jack Goody”
  • Lauren M. E. Goodlad, “Bigger Love”
  • Rafael Alvarado and Paul Humphreys, “Big Data, Thick Mediation, and Representational Opacity”
  • Mark Algee-Hewitt, “Distributed Character: Quantitative Models of the English Stage, 1550-1900”
  • Darrin McMahon, “Afterword: Why Big, Why Now?”