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45, 1 (2014)

Winter 2014

Ecology, Agency, Entanglement

  • Bruno Latour, “Agency at the Time of the Anthropocene”
  • Ian Hodder, “The Entanglements of Humans and Things: A Long-Term View” | D0wnload Article
  • Graham Harman, “Entanglement and Relation: A Response to Bruno Latour and Ian Hodder”
  • Dora Zhang, “Naming the Indescribable: Woolf, Russell, James, and the Limits of the Description”
  • Günter Leypoldt, “Singularity and the Literary Market”
  • Hanna Meretoja, “Narrative and Human Existence: Ontology, Epistemology, and Ethics”
  • Joshua Gass, “Moll Flanders and the Bastard Birth of Realist Character”
  • Ben Parker, “Recognition or Reification?: Capitalist Crisis and Subjectivity in Little Dorrit

Forthcoming issues: Interpretation and Its Rivals; Political Theory; Feminism and Ordinary Language Philosophy; Beyond Bourdieu

NLH Seminar on Postcritical Interpretation