Forthcoming Issue

53, 4 (2022) / 54, 1 (2023)

Culture, Theory Data

  • Ted Underwood, Laura McGrath, Richard Jean So, Chad Wellmon, “Introduction: Culture, Theory, Data”
  • Katherine Bode, “Doing (Computational) Literary Studies”  
  • Alison Booth, “Mid-Range Reading, not ‘the Novel’: New Digital Literary Histories”  
  • Sara Bruno and Jessica Marie Johnson, “‘Que Recogan Este Memoria’:” Black Puerto Rican Data”  
  • Michael Gavin, “Why Distant Reading Works”  
  • Katherine Hayles, “Inside the Mind of an AI: Materiality and the Crisis of Representation”
  • Long LeKhac, Maria Antoniak, and Richard Jean So, “#BLM Insurgent Discourse, White Structures of Feeling and the Fate of the 2020 ‘Racial Awakening’”
  • Caroline Levine, “Literary Studies and Collective Life”  
  • Hoyt Long, “Learning to Live with Machine Translation”  
  • Joan Lubin, “Read Like a Feed: Autofiction and the Mass Personalization of Sexuality”  
  • Laura McGrath, “Books about Race: Commercial Publishing and Racial Formation in the 21st Century”
  • Laura K. Nelson, “Situated Knowledges and Partial Perspectives: A Framework for Radical Objectivity in Computational Social Science and Computational Humanities”  
  • Andrew Piper and Sunyam Bagga, “Toward a Data-Driven Theory of Narrativity”  
  • Dennis Tenen, “Distributed Agency in the Novel”
  • Matt Warner, “A Queer Way of Counting: Bibliography and Computational Approaches to the Queer Novel”


  •  Roopika Risam, “Our Paratextual Presents”  
  •  Clayton Childress, “Bringing Computation into Cultural Theory: Four Good Reasons (and One Bad One)”