Forthcoming Issues

49, 1 (2017)

On Kwame Anthony Appiah

  • Jahan Ramazani and Rita Felski, “Introduction”
  • Kwame Anthony Appiah and Homi Bhabha, “Cosmopolitanism and Convergence”
  • Susan Stanford Friedman, “Cosmopolitanism, Religion, Diaspora: Kwame Anthony Appiah and Contemporary Muslim Women’s Writing”
  • Werner Sollors, “Cosmopolitan Curiosity in an Open City: Notes on Reading Teju Cole by way of Kwame Anthony Appiah”
Appiah’s Keywords
  • Ananya Kabir, “Tradition”
  • yasser elhariry, “Temporalities”
  • Marie Ostby, “Cosmopolitanism”
  • Adam Etinson, “Conversation”
  • Robert Gooding-Williams, “Du Bois / Race”
  • Ranjana Khanna, “Stranger”