Forthcoming Issues

51, 4 (2020)


Special issue edited by Michael Lundblad

  • “Animality/ Posthumanism/ Disability: An Introduction,” by Michael Lundblad
  • “Being Human, Being Animal: Species Membership in Extraordinary Times,” Sunaura Taylor, interviewed by Sara Orning
  • “Companion Thinking,” A Response by Judith Butler
  • “The Art of Interspecies Care,” by Rachel Adams
  • “Beyond Caring: Human-Animal Interdependency,” A Response by Jack Halberstam
  • “We Have Laws for That,” A Response by Rachel Adams
  • “Abnormal Animals,” by Matthew Chrulew
  • “Restriction, Norm, Umwelt,” A Response by Dinesh Wadiwel
  • “Disanimality: Disability Studies and Animal Advocacy,” by Michael Lundblad
  • “The Political Economy of Disanimality,” A Response by Nirmala Erevelles
  • “On the Transhumanist Imaginary and the Biopolitics of Contingent Embodiment,” by Jan Grue
  • “Where Are You Taking Us?” A Response by David T. Mitchell
  • “The Biopolitical Drama of Joseph Beuys,” by Cary Wolfe
  • “Animal Death as National Debility: Climate, Agriculture, and Syrian War Narrative,” by Neel Ahuja
  • “Atmospherics of War,” A Response by Jasbir Puar